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Some items which were added to my personal collection will be featured below.

  • Artist: David Bowie
    Title: Boys Keep Swinging (1979)

    I always loved this particular picture sleeve which is for Bowie's Japanese 1979 single Boys Keep Swinging. It also is one of my favorites from this era with a strange song structure.

    As with most Japanese pressings, this one comes in a company sleeve (an RCA company sleeve this time) plus a double sided sheet with a full color photo on the front and lyrics for both the A-side as well as the B-side (Fantastic Voyage). A wonderful item!

  • Artist: David Bowie
    Title: Aladdin Sane (1973)

    This is the Italian so-called pre-release issue which contains a temporary sleeve for the David Bowie album Aladdin Sane, issued in April 1973. The final sleeve was not ready yet, so the record company decided to release it with this temporary sleeve which the buyer could return to the record shop and swap it for the final sleeve once it was made available.

    Due to this and also because the temp sleeve was made of thin, fragile carton, few copies are still around, especially in this condition.

  • Artist: David Bowie
    Title: Beauty And The Beast (1978)

    I always thought that extended remixes were something from the 80's (just as I always thought that cassette singles started mid 80's but there are releases out there from 1980, maybe even earlier!), but this 12" was issued in 1978 and contains Bowie's first extended version!

    This is a Spanish edition of the 12" for Beauty And The Beast and is the only commercial 12" that contains this special extended version. It is around 1:45 minutes longer than the album version and is even pressed with 'super sound' and I must admit, the sound on this disc is fabulous.

    As for the mix, don't expect a revelation here as it is not a typical 80's mix where tracks were sometimes put upside down. They simply repeated sections of the song though this has been done very nicely where you will not notice the cut 'n paste job.

    This extended version was also released on a US 12" promotional single in 1977 in a sleeve that looks like the "Heroes" album sleeve. The Spanish edition is not rare, but a great item to own for the fact that it contains Bowie's first extended mix plus it comes in a unique picture sleeve.

  • Artist: The Cross
    Title: Life Changes (1991)

    I was quite happy (understatement) when this item came in. For those who are not familiar with Queen's history: The Cross was a band by Queen's drummer Roger Taylor who lasted from 1987 until 1993 (and a one-off reunion in 2013). They released three albums with moderate success.

    Life Changes was supposed to be the second single (issued in mid/late November 1991) from their third album Blue Rock (issued on 9 September 1991), but it was withdrawn, either because of the death of Queen's singer Freddie Mercury or because their record company's contract was expired/cancelled. This single therefore is a highly sought-after item, also because it contains a non-album track being Heartland, an edit of the lead track and a stand-alone version of Put It All Down To Love. The edit of Life Changes is listed as a 7" Version which might mean that a 7" single was or was going to be produced, just like for their previous single New Dark Ages, though no copies have ever surfaced.

    Fun fact: the album sleeve for Blue Rock on the back has a mirrored sleeve.

    The single was made in the Netherlands, but for the German market which is the only country where this single was released (same for their previous single).

  • Artist: Freddie Mercury
    Title: Love Kills (1984)

    This is one of my favorite Freddie Mercury solo tracks. It was released in 1984 and was featured on the soundtrack album for the movie Metropolis which was a re-make of the original one from 1927. The song was never issued on his two (true) solo albums, although it was on The Freddie Mercury Album which was released a year after his death in 1992.

    Three issues were released in the UK. A common 7" and 12" and a very nice 7" picture disc which is pictured here. Each release contains a track by Giorgio Morodor on the B-side. The 12" contains extended versions of both tracks.

    This picture disc used to be quite valuable and highly collectable and could fetch up to €100 around 15 years ago, but thanks to the internet a lot more copies have surfaced and the price has gone down to almost a quarter of what it used to be. Still I think it is a great item to own, especially if you like this song.

  • Artist: The Horrors
    Title: Luminous (2014)

    London was a nice place on July the 12th 2014 as Independent Label Market held its annual event where labels come together and sell their stuff directly to the public. This is already a nice happening, but they make it even better by releasing some very, and I mean *very*, limited stuff.

    Here you see a photo of The Horrors' 2LP release Luminous which was originally released on the 5th of May 2014. Label XL Recording produced a very special and limited release of this album on vinyl for this particular day which contains a hand-made outer and inner sleeve. The other sleeve is printed with glow-in-the-dark ink and is a non-gatefold sleeve as the standard edition. The back of the sleeve is plain black with no writings, same for the spine. Each of the inner sleeves are screenprinted and are different per copy. To top it off you would get this album in a Luminous tote bag, although I also have seen copies for sale with an XL Recordings tote bag. This record is limited to just 50 copies worldwide, similar to the unique 12" one-sided singles that were released last year.

    They obviously sold out immediately that day and a few copies have popped up on eBay and Discogs so far with prices ranging from €125 to €225. Though it is unlikely that this will decrease in the near future so grab one now while they are still being offered!

  • Artist: Phil Collins
    Title: One More Night (1985)

    A nice addition to the collection. This is an uncut picture disc test pressing for Phil Collins' mega hit One More Night, released in April 1985. The commercial release was cut to the shape of Phil, but this pressing still has the clear vinyl around the picture in place. A nice additional touch are the grooves near the edge of the disc which play an unknown tune for approx 15-20 seconds.

  • Artist: The Ramsgate Hovercraft
    Title: Arcane Empire (2013)

    Given four stars by the Record Collector in their March 2014 issue, The Ramsgate Hovercraft's debut album Arcane Empire is out of this world. I have no idea how to describe this type of music. It might lean towards 70's Pink Floyd, but then again it also has some jazzy elements. Or maybe my musical knowledge is simply too limited to link this record to a genre. Fact is, you need this record. Even if you do not like the music, you will like the packaging. The album has been pressed on two 140 gram 12" vinyl discs, housed in plain white innersleeves and a full color gatefold sleeve. As an extra you get a sheet to make your own paper hovercraft, two stickers and a picture postcard with a download code on the back. The download includes an additional four bonus tracks, stretching the already long album from 95 minutes to 2 hours and 22 minutes! Recommended!

    Hop over to my collection section to see a photo of the double disc white label test pressing.

Website updates

2016-08-10 – 19:59

hr GMT

It has been nearly one year since the previous update and I am very sorry about that! I have a pile of stuff lying next to me that still needs to be scanned and added to the website, but somehow other stuff always seems to be more important (and sometimes I am lazy).

Despite these excuses I did had to create this update since UCHUSENTAI:NOIZ released their latest album today called Sixxx Sense. There is only one edition so far, so this time there is no need to spend too much money for just one new release.

I have listened to it twice so far and quite like it. I still miss their old days, but every fan of every band usually moans about how the old days were much better.

Anyway, check out the scans and track listing for today's update. I hope to add some more releases soon including releases by Vile Electrodes and Automatic Writing.

2015-08-25 – 07:14

hr GMT

In case you crave for some new modern day electronic music, check out VEiiLA at or here at in case you want to support them!

2015-08-16 – 10:16

hr GMT


Last update for today. I have added two alternate releases for Vile Electrodes. One is the mirror edition of their latest single Captive In Symmetry, the second is the re-re-re-re-re-release (kind of) of their debut album The Future Through A Lens as a white digipack.

2015-08-16 – 09:21

hr GMT

Second small update today which is again for a Japanese artist. This time for メトロノーム featuring the second release for their demo of 致死量フリーク, issued in 2000 on cassette.

2015-08-16 – 09:01

hr GMT

UCHUSENTAI:NOIZ released a new single on August 5th called デッドマンズ・ロデオ・リボルバー. Full track listing and artwork can be found here!

2015-06-02 – 08:38

hr GMT


Three 'recent' Vile Electrodes releases have finally been added to the website:, Captive In Symmetry (Demo) and Captive In Symmetry which are from late 2014 and 2015.

2015-03-29 – 17:36

hr GMT


I must admit that I have lost my interest in Lovelife a bit. Their first release was very good, their second and third were OK but then something happened and now they make teen girl pop music, or whatever you want to call it. It just ain't my thing..

So while listening to Van Der Graaf Generator I recalled that I still had to add two releases, both digital from last year. The first one is Silk Road, an acoustic EP and the second is The End Of The World, a single, well, if you can classify this as a single.

2015-03-19 – 19:37

hr GMT

I step away for a moment and this is what happens: The Darkness release the details of their new album called Last Of Our Kind and release a single (well, kind of) called Barbarian. You can find all the details here as usual.

2015-01-17 – 09:31

hr GMT

It seems that The Darkness single The Horn was not just a digital release, but also released as a 7" picture disc back in 2013. Check out the scans here!

2015-01-17 – 08:21

hr GMT

I am sure everyone has been waiting for this update ;) UCHUSENTAI:NOIZ released their new single ROMANTIC☆AMADEUS last Wednesday on the 14th of January which contains two new tracks plus the instrumental versions. It has turned out to be a good single, where the second track is maybe the best of the two!

2014-12-22 – 19:45

hr GMT

Update #2 for tonight. This one contains a nice promotional CDr for The Horrors' 2014 "single" So Now You Know from the Netherlands which has a different back sleeve when compared to the UK edition.

2014-12-22 – 19:11

hr GMT

I feel ashamed. It took me about two weeks to add Zebra and Snake's NEW single We Belong To The Summer to the website. But here it is, go and check it out, it is a nice tune! And we can expect more from them in 2015!

2014-11-23 – 12:25

hr GMT


They've been lying on my desk for approx 6 weeks, but I finally managed to add them to the website. They are the latest releases by Vile Electrodes being the anniversary cassette edition of their debut album The Future Through A Lens and a special CDr release for The Electricity Club event TEC003, TEC Myself To Pieces.

2014-11-16 – 18:39

hr GMT

It appears that UCHSENTAI:NOIZ will release a new single on January 14th 2015 called ROMANTIC☆AMADEUS. So far one edition has been confirmed with four songs of which two are instrumentals. I will update the website in the next few days with all the details plus, if all goes well, two new releases by Vile Electrodes!

2014-09-15 – 20:43

hr GMT

Vile Electrodes did it again! They managed to once release a rather special edition on June the 13th, this time covered in fur (which is either real or fake)! It is called The Pack Of Wolves and contains three CD's plus some inserts. Check the scans and details over here!

Today they also announced that they sold a new CDr at TEC in the UK on September 13 which contains a new extended version of Tore Myself To Pieces plus two new songs which are from The Future Through A Lens sessions. Last Saturday also marked the first anniversary of their debut album, so they decided to re-release the album as a limited edition cassette. More details will follow once I have received these lovely items.

2014-08-17 – 08:58

hr GMT

It is time for an early Sunday morning update featuring UCHUSENTAI:NOIZ. They released a new compilation album in Philippines on August the 2nd called LEGEND OF THE ROCK'N'ROLL HEROES which features new versions of two previously released songs plus a DVD with videos.

2014-08-15 – 20:23

hr GMT


Finally an update again which features four releases by The Horrors. Most of them were sitting on my desk for weeks, but I simply did not had the time to create a new update.

The first issue is a promotional release for their latest single I See You. Secondly I found a nice French promo CDr for their wonderful second album Primary Colours. And last but not least are two releases for their latest album Luminous. One is a promotional CD from the US and the second one is the very limited 2LP release from the UK with an alternate sleeve.

2014-06-28 – 19:28

hr GMT

This is a rather boring yet interesting release. It was (probably) issued in the Netherlands as a promotional CDr for the Horrors' single Who Can Say. I've got a similar copy for the single Still Life so I guess that there are more titles out there.

2014-06-28 – 18:38

hr GMT


Better late than never! This update contains Mumm-Ra's latest release Back To The Shore which was issued digitally in February this year and recently on CD in Japan. Check here all the details.

2014-06-22 – 18:17

hr GMT

Well that is a nice surprise. I just stumbled upon a Japanese CD copy of Mumm-Ra's mini album Back to the Shore which was apparently released on June the 4th. Hope to add it in the next few weeks, together with the initial digital release which was issued in February of this year.