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This website is all about my passion Collecting. Here you will find detailed information dedicated to a number of obscure, unknown or simply excellent musicians.

Website updates

2023-11-27 – 18:08

hr GMT

After 12 years, a previously unknown CD version pops up on the internet for Mirrors' debut album Lights And Offerings. It is a withdrawn edition! Details can be found here!

2023-02-11 – 09:06

hr GMT

In the past few months I have been adding all missing UCHUSENTAI:NOIZ releases including a few regular commercial singles and a 'recent' concert-only single.

The best addition was however added yesterday which is a very rare early cassette from the late 90's called G・O・D! Click the link for more details.

2021-05-09 – 10:06

hr GMT


Some more メトロノーム releases have been added today and they are all the singles that were still missing all these years. They are セルフコントロール (2002), 一週間 (2004) and コンピュータ (2004).

I also added 三つ数えろ, a 2003 release which was only available at three concerts and through mail order.

2021-05-07 – 12:35

hr GMT

10 years after its release I stumble upon a promotional CD release which I never saw before! This is a UK promo for Mirrors' debut (and to date only) album Lights And Offerings. It isn't a great or interesting looking release, but hope you are as exited as I am!

2021-05-06 – 18:55

hr GMT


It's been a while (over a year!), but I haven't forgotten this website. I got some "new" メトロノーム releases lately which I will slowly add to their discography page.

The first three I added are some early releases with the most interesting one being a demo cassette from May 1999 (in three days it's been 22 years since it was released!). It's the demo tape for 東京バビロン and I am happy to have added it to my collection. The other two releases are for their 2001 CD-single release プラスチックーモデルス / PLASTIC-MODELS. More to be added in the upcoming days!

2019-12-23 – 16:52

hr GMT


Last update for the year which is again for メトロノーム. Today I added details for the 2004 single 妄想トリック and two fairly recent concert-only releases being しゃーたん&めとたん (2017) and 東京バビロン (リクエスト再録ver.) (2018).

2019-12-06 – 20:44

hr GMT


This evening I added the last few new releases by メトロノーム which were still missing from the website. They are albums 廿奇譚AHEAD and 確率論≠paradox and single Catch me if you can?.

Three more releases will be added in the next few weeks once I have received them.

2019-12-01 – 20:29

hr GMT


It's been a while, but I decided to add the last few releases by メトロノーム and started with CONTINUE, their first album since they ended their hiatus in 2016 and 弊帚トリムルティ, a single from 2018.

Two more albums and a single will be added in the next few days.

2018-11-25 – 12:33

hr GMT

The website is fully operational again!

2018-11-25 – 08:25

hr GMT

It appears that parts of my website cannot be accessed since about a week. This is related to a PHP upgrade done by the host. I fixed the main page yesterday and work is in progress for the Collection page. Will keep you posted!

2016-12-23 – 21:00

hr GMT

This may very well be the debut for this single on the internet when it comes to scans of the artwork!

Earlier this week I shared details of メトロノーム's latest single which was released three months ago. Today I am sharing details including scans of their first ever single called SINGLE TOP Religion. This is a very rare and hard to find release from 1999 and I am happy to have finally added it to my collection and on this website! Enjoy and I wish you a merry Christmas and a good New Year!

2016-12-21 – 19:16

hr GMT

As I mentioned last week, メトロノーム released a new single in September of this year called 解離性同一人物 which I completely missed. Today I received a copy for which you can find the details including scans over here. Let's hope that they will make more new music in the near future!

2016-12-15 – 08:44

hr GMT

It appears that メトロノーム have re-formed and are back again since Autumn this year after a hiatus of seven years!! They also released a new single in September called 解離性同一人物. Obviously I ordered a copy yesterday evening as soon as I read this news. Am not too sure if I will still get it before Christmas, but if I do, I will add it here as soon as possible.

It is currently unknown if more releases can be expected, though a few new concerts have been planned in Japan.

Am hyped as hell! :D

2016-11-05 – 19:17

hr GMT

Grab your wallet, because Zebra and Snake have released their new EP called European Broken Heart which contains five brand new tracks, including their most recent single In The City. I think it is a great EP and well worth the wait!

2016-10-22 – 19:11

hr GMT


The first few missing Vile Electrodes releases have finally been added. The first one is On The Town, an obscure compilation CDr from 2009. The second one is an EP from 2015 called Stark White. The Black Light EP and their latest album will hopefully be added anytime soon.

2016-10-21 – 19:19

hr GMT

Out of nowhere Zebra and Snake released a new single today called In The City. It is a very good and fun tune I think and am already playing it on repeat. This single release will be followed by a new EP in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned for more info once I know more!

2016-08-10 – 19:59

hr GMT

It has been nearly one year since the previous update and I am very sorry about that! I have a pile of stuff lying next to me that still needs to be scanned and added to the website, but somehow other stuff always seems to be more important (and sometimes I am lazy).

Despite these excuses I did had to create this update since UCHUSENTAI:NOIZ released their latest album today called Sixxx Sense. There is only one edition so far, so this time there is no need to spend too much money for just one new release.

I have listened to it twice so far and quite like it. I still miss their old days, but every fan of every band usually moans about how the old days were much better.

Anyway, check out the scans and track listing for today's update. I hope to add some more releases soon including releases by Vile Electrodes and Automatic Writing.

2015-08-25 – 07:14

hr GMT

In case you crave for some new modern day electronic music, check out VEiiLA at http://veiila.com/ or here at http://veiila.com/store in case you want to support them!

2015-08-16 – 10:16

hr GMT


Last update for today. I have added two alternate releases for Vile Electrodes. One is the mirror edition of their latest single Captive In Symmetry, the second is the re-re-re-re-re-release (kind of) of their debut album The Future Through A Lens as a white digipack.

2015-08-16 – 09:21

hr GMT

Second small update today which is again for a Japanese artist. This time for メトロノーム featuring the second release for their demo of 致死量フリーク, issued in 2000 on cassette.