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Enough with the reading! This website is all about music so dive into the world of Patrick Wolf and check some of his songs and videos below:

House (3:46)

Vulture (3:33)

Accident & Emergency (3:26)

Tristan (2:35)


Last modification: 2012-10-15

Patrick Wolf is from South London. He started to make music in his early life and his first release was from 2002. He utilises a wide variety of instruments in his music. Most commonly used are the ukulele, piano and viola. His early albums were more focussed on acoustic and retro sounds, though he has developed himself throughout the years and has used a wide range of styles from romantic folk to techno-pop.

He has released six albums to date of which the latest one is from October 2012.

For more information, please visit one of the following websites:
Patrick Wolf @ Facebook
Official Home Page
Patrick Wolf @ MySpace


Find below an overview of his current releases, broken down by each type of release. Click on a title for further information including tracklisting, catalogue numbers and artwork.

2003: Lycanthropy
2005: Wind In The Wires
2007: The Magic Position
2009: The Bachelor
2011: Lupercalia
2012: Sundark And Riverlight
2002: The Patrick Wolf EP
2009: The Spinster
2011: Lemuralia
2011: Brumalia EP
2012: Archive EP 1
2005: The Libertine
2005: Wind In The Wires
2005: Tristan
2006: Accident & Emergency
2007: Bluebells
2007: The Magic Position
2009: Vulture
2009: Hard Times
2009: Damaris
2010: Time Of My Life
2011: The City
2011: House
2011: Time Of My Life