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Last modification: 2012-12-28

Here you will find all of Patrick Wolf's EP releases. His EP's are rather interesting as they contain unreleased material (i.e. out-takes or rough mixes) most of the time.

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Archive EP 1: CD Archive EP 1: CD
CDr release (webstore edition)

Archive EP 1

Here is an obscure CDr release. Issued during his Sundark And Riverlight world tour. Each copy is more or less hand-made by Patrick himself. Some come in a hand-written sleeve, though most copies come in a printed sleeve with or without some doodles made by Patrick. It is unknown how many copies are around, but it is probably not more than a few hundred. Patrick wrote down the city and date on the sleeve corresponding to where and when the CDr's were made.
Although the songs on both editions are the same, they are tagged differently on each release, ie track 1 is called Sundark & Riverlight Outtake on the hand-written edition and Sundark & Riverlight Demo on the printed one. The tracklisting below is a combination of both editions which makes most sense and shows most of the information.
This release was later made available online through his own webstore during the first three weeks of December 2012.
  1. Armistice (Sundark And Riverlight Outtake)
  2. Teignmouth (Live At Hilles House)
  3. Brother John/The Marriage (ft. Final Fantasy) (Live at Shepherds Bush Empire 2007)
  4. Walpurgisnacht (Demo from 1999)
  5. Pigeon Song (Sundark And Riverlight Outtake)
Label – Catalogue number:
CDr EP: self-releasednone
Brumalia EP: CD Brumalia EP: CD
CD release

Brumalia EP

His fourth EP release. This one is from December 2011 and was released on CD to a wider public. It comes in a digi-pack. The digital version comes with a digital booklet containing the lyrics.
  1. Bitten
  2. Together
  3. Time Of Year
  4. Jerusalem
  5. Nemoralia
  6. Pelicans
  7. Trust
Label – Catalogue number:
CD EP: Hideout – HDCJ20
Lemuralia: CD Lemuralia: CD Lemuralia: CD
CD release + screenshot from the Lemuralia webpage


Lemuralia is a patrickwolf.com exclusive bonus EP which could be bought together with Lupercalia. The EP was released on CD only. The tracklisting is not present on the artwork itself, but can be found on a separate webpage. As with the previous EP, this one also contains out-takes and rarities.
  1. William (Wolf Extended Paris Mix)
  2. The Days (Original Piano Sketch Vienna 2006)
  3. The Falcons (Wolf Opus 3 and Orchestra Remix)
  4. Oil Slick
  5. Armistice (Glass Harmonica, Cristal Bachet, Ondes Martenot and Vocal Mix)
  6. Slow Motion (Orchestral Instrumental Mix)
  7. Sing (Acappella Mix)
Label – Catalogue number:
CD EP: Hideout – none
The Spinster: CD The Spinster: CD
CD release

The Spinster

An odd release. This was his second EP, released in June 2009 and could be bought online as a bundle together with the album The Bachelor at Rough Trade. It features out-takes from this 2009 studio album and is supposedly limited to 500 copies. The numbering however started at #1000. There is furthermore a US edition which has a typo on the backsleeve in the song title of track two and this edition is very likely not numbered (though people sometimes removed the sticker from the front sleeve, not knowing it was their unique number). UK copies were also sold at some concerts. So the limited quantity of 500 remains uncertain.
  1. The Bachelor (Balalaika mix)
  2. Teignmouth (Lone bachelor demo 2003)
  3. Vaeety Braeu
  4. Pigeon Song (Live at Shepherds Bush Empire)
  5. Who Will? (Brede Church Organ Karaoke Mix)
Label – Catalogue number:
CD EP: Battleco/Bloody Chamber Music – none
The Patrick Wolf EP: 12" The Patrick Wolf EP: 12"
12" release

The Patrick Wolf EP

His first commercial release ever. This is the highly sought after 12" vinyl EP which was released in November 2002. The first tracks from side A and B were eventually released on his debut Lycanthropy, though the other two have never been re-released and can only be found on this 12".
This release was limited to 1000 copies only.
  • Side A
  1. Bloodbeat
  2. Empress
  • Side B
  1. A Boy Like Me
  2. Pumpkin Soup
Label – Catalogue number:
12" single: Faith & Industry Recordings – K001