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Enough with the reading! This website is all about music so dive into the world of The Horrors and check some of their songs and videos below:

I Can See Through You (4:17)

Who Can Say (3:41)

Sea Within A Sea (8:23)

She Is The New Thing (2:54)

Sheena Is A Parasite (1:38)


Last modification: 2014-08-15

The Horrors formed in 2005 and originate from Southend-on-Sea, UK. I am pretty sure that they tried to reflect their style in their name back then, as today they are the complete opposite. They started as a garage/punk/rock band with screaming vocals and roaring organs, but they create psychedelic 60's influenced music with a touch of shoegaze and indie rock today.

To date they released three albums plus a remix compilation. A fourth album was released on May 5th this year called Luminous.

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For more information, please visit one of the following websites:
The Horrors @ Facebook
Official Home Page


Find below an overview of their current releases, broken down by each type of release. Click on a title for further information including tracklisting, catalogue numbers and artwork.

2007: Strange House
2009: Primary Colours
2011: Skying
2012: Higher
2014: Luminous
2006: The Horrors
2006: Sheena Is A Parasite
2006: Death At The Chapel
2006: Count In Fives
2007: Gloves
2007: She Is The New Thing
2009: Sea Within A Sea
2009: Mirror's Image
2009: Who Can Say
2009: Whole New Way
2011: Still Life
2011: I Can See Through You
2012: Changing The Rain
2014: So Now You Know
2014: I See You
2007: Strange House B-Sides
2007: Loop DVD
2008: Shadazz
2009: The Horrors
2011: On Track With SEAT
2013: Motoring/Moving Further Away
2013: Still Life/Wishing Well