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Last modification: 2013-05-19

Here you will find all of The Horrors' ep releases. To date they released one.

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The Horrors: USA CD The Horrors: USA CD The Horrors: USA CD
USA CD release

The Horrors: US promo CD
US promotional CDr release
The Horrors: Australian promo CD
Australian promotional CDr release

The Horrors

The Horrors' first EP release and to date also their only one.
Released in Japan, Australia and the US. Australia and Japan had a white tinted sleeve instead of black.
The US should have an enhanced CD edition and one without the video.
Tracks 1, 4 and 5 were re-recorded for their debut album Strange House.
  1. Death At The Chapel
  2. Crawdaddy Simone
  3. Sheena Is A Parasite
  4. Jack The Ripper
  5. Excellent Choice
  6. Sheena Is A Parasite (video)
Label – Catalogue number:
CD EP: Stolen Transmission – B0007724-02
CDr EP (US promo): Stolen Transmission – none
CDr EP (Australian promo): Speak and Spell Touring Pty Ltd – none