This website is all about my passion Collecting. Here you will find detailed information dedicated to a number of obscure, unknown or simply excellent musicians.

Website updates

2012-04-05 – 21:30

hr GMT


After some years I have finally made the decision to complete my collection of the regular 宇宙戦隊NOIZ singles and they came in today. One of them is from 2000 and is already hard to find. The other two are from 2004 and 2005. Enjoy!

2012-04-02 – 22:00

hr GMT

All of Patrick Wolf's releases are now online and available for viewing. Next stop will be Mumm-Ra who will be added in the next week or two.

2012-03-30 – 23:00

hr GMT


A new artist is currently being added, being Patrick Wolf, plus some minor updates were made for Anothers Blood (I've added a promotional CDr of their single Lost Communication) and Zebra and Snake. I am also pleased to announce that three missing 宇宙戦隊NOIZ CD-singles are now on their way and will be added in the next two weeks, plus three rare メトロノーム items of which two are early demo cassettes.

I've also decided to start adding catalogue numbers for all displayed releases (thanks Ed!). A few artist pages have already been updated. The rest will follow soon.

2012-03-24 – 15:00

hr GMT


New sections are ready for Apparatjik and Anothers Blood.

Apparatjik are a so-called supergroup featuring members of a-ha, Coldplay and Mew who started in 2008. Anothers Blood though is fresh and new and have so far only released two digital releases. They deserve to be checked out!

2012-03-20 – 20:00

hr GMT

The albums section for メトロノーム is now ready. Singles will be added whenever I buy them (one special release is already in the mail and will be added once I get it) ;)

メトロノーム you say? Yes, that sounds like "metronome". They are a band from Japan and created some great futuristic electro punk.

2012-03-18 – 19:00

hr GMT

My full collection (a list of it that is) can now be viewed online. I am also working on a new artist page. This time for メトロノーム.

2012-03-04 – 18:00

hr GMT


The pages for Mirrors, Zebra and Snake and 宇宙戦隊NOIZ are now online. The full discography is available for each artist. Check out Zebra and Snake for regular updates, as a new single and album are coming up soon!

2012-02-19 – 16:00

hr GMT

Already a new design for the whole website as I did not like the previous one. I will now also concentrate on filling some gaps.

2012-01-30 – 12:00

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The day this website was launched!