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Website updates

2013-05-19 – 08:10

hr GMT

Lovelife issued a new tour-only EP last month called MMXIII. I do not own this release yet so I cannot show any scans, but the info should be fairly accurate. So ready - set - Go! and start searching for a copy in case you miss one.

2013-05-04 – 09:28

hr GMT


It's a Vile day today since Vile Electrodes announced four (yes, 4!) new releases for the next few months. Two of them are re-issues of previously released EP's in 2011 and 2012 being Play With Fire and The Last Time. Re-Emerge will be their first new EP for 2013 with three new tracks and it will come in a professionally made digipack, just like the other two re-issues. The fourth release, which is probably also the most anticipated one, will be their debut album which will be called The Future Through A Lens. We can expect a digital, CD and CD deluxe release for the album.

2013-04-27 – 10:14

hr GMT

After some waiting it finally arrived today, 宇宙戦隊NOIZ's 2002 demo CDr for 0ーレイー. Check the details over here including the sleeve which is (I think) the first time it is shown on a website!

2013-04-24 – 20:14

hr GMT

Lovelife announced a new EP about 35 minutes ago which is going to be called Stateless and will be released this Summer. The formats remain unknown so far, but I am sure that we can at least expect a free digital copy and possibly a vinyl release (fingers crossed!).

2013-04-20 – 17:42

hr GMT

Today was Mayhem Day, also known as Carrot Dangling Day or Record Store Day. Anyway, Gotye released State Of The Art on lovely pink (looks more red though) 12" vinyl. A split 12" by Toy and The Horrors was released today as well for which I will add further info soon.

2013-04-13 – 11:02

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Second update for today which contains two exiting items, not because of their looks, but because of their nature. I have added a vinyl test pressing and an instrumental in-house CDr for Zebra and Snake's 2012 debut album Healing Music. Check out the details here!

2013-04-13 – 10:19

hr GMT

I've added a new promo for The Horrors' Strange House album. This one is a CDr from the UK on the Universal Music Publishing Group label and is for whatever reason missing the first song Jack The Ripper. The first two singles are also available for viewing.

2013-03-30 – 11:40

hr GMT

After a two month delay I can finally present to you The Horrors, the latest artist at RunOutGrooves! They are from the UK, issued three albums so far, where each album represents a different style so it really is hard to classify them. Right now you can check out their albums, EP's and miscellaneous releases which are crammed with scans of the standard, promotional and foreign releases. Singles will hopefully be added in the next week or two. Enjoy!

2013-03-16 – 23:18

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Second update for tonight! I have added メトロノーム's last two singles to the site being たわいないトワイライト and ぞんび君. Both were issued in 2007 and both are the standard CD releases.

2013-03-16 – 22:29

hr GMT

I guess that we can now put a 'Collectable!' stamp on Lovelife since I tracked down a promotional CDr for their second EP The Fourth Floor. The first opportunity to have their music on an official CD!

2013-03-08 – 20:43

hr GMT

While listening to Bowie's new album The Next Day, I added a new single release by Lovelife called Dying To Start Again which was released yesterday as a free download. Grab it while it is hot! A new EP can be expected in late Spring.

2013-02-18 – 22:48

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It is メトロノーム night again I'm afraid! I got a bunch of stuff from Japan today including:
Digitalian Space, a pretty rare compilation CD from 1997 which features a track by ピコピコポン, the band before they turned into メトロノーム one year later.
Work has finally begun on their singles section. Two singles arrived today and I already had one, so I have added all three tonight being プラネット, ス・ペ・エ・ス!ロマンチック and 朧/空.

2013-02-12 – 21:51

hr GMT

Just as an FYI: Zebra and Snake are back in the studio, recording album #2! I have no idea if we can expect something this year, but I sure do hope something will be released in 2014.

2013-02-11 – 21:35

hr GMT

It is always great to be contacted by a fellow fan, especially when it is for a band who are no longer active plus who are not that popular outside of Japan. With the help from James I was able to add more info and releases (sans scans at the moment) to the Miscellaneous section of メトロノーム. I think that you can now find a fairly accurate overview over there though any info or corrections are still welcome! There are also a number of singles in the mail coming over from Japan, meaning I will start work on the Singles section anytime soon.

Work is also still on-going for a new artist. I completed their album discography this evening and will start on their singles tomorrow, aiming for a new update by the end of this week.

2013-02-01 – 22:20

hr GMT


I finally found some time to make an update for two new items. The first one more or less got stuck in the mail and finally arrived after three weeks. It is a neat 2002 demo cassette called プチ天変地異 by メトロノーム which still comes with the original envelope in which it was handed out.

The second item for tonight is a US promotional CD-single for The Darkness' single Everybody Have A Good Time which comes with a front and back sleeve (pretty unusual for a US promo single).

I'm still working on adding a new artist to the website, but I've been busy with work lately so please be patient. I hope it will be worth the wait though!

2013-01-24 – 22:42

hr GMT


At last! I was able to buy a copy of NOIZ SUPER HITS BEST COLLECTION by 宇宙戦隊NOIZ thanks to a kind fan from the Philippines! I owe you one! ;) Scans and detailed information are now available.

The next release is a nightmare for collectors. This is Vile Electrodes' second EP release called The Last Time , issued last month. This CD is once again hand-made and each copy is more or less unique. There are three different copies up for viewing including a nice test pressing.

2013-01-13 – 19:48

hr GMT

Vile Electrodes are starting to become mature! Their latest release The Last Time is a fine one and shows how they have progressed in the past year. It was released as a hand-made CD with seasonal greetings, made in low quantities as with the previous release. It furthermore contains a unique B-side which will not be available on their upcoming debut album. If you are lucky you can still buy a copy through their Facebook page!

2013-01-12 – 18:15

hr GMT


I have added scans of backsleeves and an insert for those demo tapes that have one which were released by メトロノーム. There is also a full image available of both sides in case the front and back form one image.

Work has furthermore started on a new artist which will be featured on this site anytime soon.

2013-01-06 – 00:24

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Two great updates for today. The first one is a scan of Lovelife's latest 10" vinyl EP The Fourth Floor. The front and back are available for viewing.

The second addition of today is a very rare item, being 宇宙戦隊NOIZ's 1995 demo cassette CRAZY FUCK. At this stage they were still called NOIZ and only two core members were part of the band. The music was furthermore nothing compared to what they create today. Check the details on the release page including scans.

I normally do not share music that is discussed on this website, but in this case I decided to upload one track of this cassette. You can get LOVE FLOWER'S GARDEN right here. I think that this is a funny song with strange lyrics and Angel-TAKA is definitely having some problems with the English pronunciation ;) But be warned as it is not typical 宇宙戦隊NOIZ! Enjoy and let me know what you think!

2012-12-28 – 22:30

hr GMT


Patrick's Archive EP 1 CDr is hitting everyone's home now. Mine came in yesterday so scans are up for viewing right now.

I initially thought that the following item was a very early demo cassette by メトロノーム, but it turned out to be even better. It is a demo cassette by ピコピコポン which is how they were called before they renamed themselves to メトロノーム a few months later. Check the details for プラネット right here, right now!