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2012-11-06 – 21:45

hr GMT

Are you looking for new music? Well, in that case I present you Automatic Writing, a London based electronic band who have been around for over a year now. They released their debut single Falling/Continuous yesterday as a download and on lovely green vinyl. Check their feature over here including some songs and links to even more music. Note to Ed: they are still unsigned ;)

2012-11-04 – 11:37

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A Sunday ain't no Sunday without The Darkness blasting through your speakers! Check out the new items which have been added today:

Released in 2008, this is the Australian double disc Permission To Land / One Way Ticket To Hell ...And Back. Not an essential item, but it sure helps to complete your collection.

I have no idea where this one was released (though it was probably the UK) and if it is genuine or not, but a promotional CDr has been added for One Way Ticket To Hell ...And Back.

Another promo, this one is for the single Get Your Hands Off My Woman, never issued with artwork.

The next one is a promotional CD from the US for Growing On Me.

The fifth and last item for today is the promo for Girlfriend, released in Europe in a cardsleeve.

2012-10-25 – 20:08

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Second update for tonight which feats two The Darkness releases. The first one is a rare in-house promo CDr made by Xfm London for four radio session tracks. The other release is a promotional CD from Japan for I Believe In A Thing Called Love.

2012-10-25 – 17:55

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Not a new single, but a new song from Lovelife's forthcoming EP The Fourth Floor has been released today called Your New Beloved. You can listen to it over here on Soundcloud.

2012-10-22 – 20:19

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Yeeeaaahhh they are taking our lives tonight! with the news of Lovelife's second EP called The Fourth Floor. It will be released digitally and on vinyl on the 10th of December. It furthermore looks like a new single will be released this week as well!

2012-10-19 – 21:53

hr GMT


Now I could have been in England right at this moment, enjoying a one-off reunion concert by Mumm-Ra, but instead I am sitting here, creating another update for the website. Tonight I have tried to make it a bit more diverse. The first update is for a hard to find Japanese promo by the Darkness called 4Tracks Promo.

It seemed that I missed out on two Gotye releases. The first one is a digital single for Save Me, whereas the second one is a remix bundle of Eyes Wide Open (not my cup of tea really!).

2012-10-18 – 20:08

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It is starting to become boring now, but I added another two promos for The Darkness tonight. This time they are for Love Is Only A Feeling, a European release in a slim jewel case with an exclusive radio edit and a US promo release for the 2005 single One Way Ticket.

2012-10-15 – 20:11

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Three releases have been added tonight. First one is a promotional CD for The Darkness' first Christmas single Christmas Time (Don't Let The Bells End), issued in a slim jewel case.

The other two releases are by Patrick Wolf. He released his first compilation today called Sundark And Riverlight which is available as a 2CD edition and on lovely black/white vinyl. The second release was already issued in September, but went unnoticed by me until now. It is a tour-only CDr EP called Archive EP 1 and it is very likely that there will be more volumes in the near future. A pain in the collector's ass really as they won't be available online and were made in limited quantities.

2012-10-10 – 20:37

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I've been busy again this evening by adding three The Darkness (promo) CD-singles. The first one is a US promo copy for I Believe In A Thing Called Love with a great backsleeve. The second is One Way Ticket, the one-track promo in a slim jewel case from Europe and the last one is an alternate CD-single release from Europe for Girlfriend as it comes in a cardsleeve. More Darkness stuff is on its way so stay tuned!

2012-10-06 – 20:52

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Nothing fancy today, just a European promotional CD-single for The Darkness' 2006 single Is It Just Me?. This release comes in a slim jewelcase.

At least seven more promotional The Darkness singles will be added in the next two weeks so stay tuned!

2012-10-01 – 21:28

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Here they are, full scans for 宇宙戦隊NOIZ's album METEORS which was released in Japan last week. Two editions are available: a standard CD edition and a limited CD/DVD edition.

2012-09-30 – 10:09

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At last! Images for all commercial The Darkness singles are now available since I just added the DVD-single for Is It Just Me?.

Details for the 宇宙戦隊NOIZ release NOIZ SUPER HITS BEST COLLECTION have been added to the website. I unfortunately do not own it and it seems difficult to get it outside of the Philippines, so there are no scans available at the moment. Please contact me if you have a spare copy for sale!

2012-09-26 – 20:08

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Three updates for two artists today!

First of all I added some more info about the latest Zebra and Snake promo CD for Empty Love Song. It seems that this release is pretty limited!

I received two promotional The Darkness releases in the last two weeks. The first one was a Swedish copy for Friday Night, issued in 2004. The other one was a full European album promo for Hot Cakes which comes in a printed white sleeve.

宇宙戦隊NOIZ's album METEORS was released in Japan today and is available as a CD and a limited edition CD/DVD package. It also seems that they released a limited tour CD in the Philippines this month called NOIZ SUPER HITS BEST COLLECTION. It is supposed to be limited to 100 copies only and comes in a jewel case with no back sleeve. I hope to get a copy or at least more information as soon as possible.

2012-09-25 – 20:21

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I'll be adding two "new" The Darkness items soon. I was basically two weeks offline due to a move to another city and my internet provider could not get the new connection up and running within the promised timeframe.

Anyway, 宇宙戦隊NOIZ's new album METEORS will be released tomorrow in Japan and I expect that my copies will arrive at the end of the week or early next week. I will try to make scans as soon as I get them. Fingers crossed!

2012-09-10 – 21:25

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It's Zebra and Snake day today! :) I've added three promotional releases this evening. The first one is a two track CD for Empty Love Song, their single from August. The other two are pretty rare promotional releases from this year which feature three ZAS tracks (plus songs by other artists such as Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark and Matisyahu). The first disc features album tracks whereas the second disc contains the same tracks as full instrumentals!

2012-09-09 – 21:10

hr GMT


Second update for The Darkness this weekend. I have added a nice US advance CDr release for Hot Cakes plus a scan of the promotional vinyl release from Europe.

2012-09-08 – 08:42

hr GMT


I've added scans of two new Darkness singles today: an Australian promotional CD copy for Everybody Have A Good Time and scans for the latest promo CD Nothin's Gonna Stop Us which features a cool instrumental. You can expect another update in the next day or two for the album Hot Cakes as I got two neat promotional releases recently.

2012-09-07 – 14:15

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I have turned on manual approval for now for the comment boxes, as they were already being used for spam. Naughty!

2012-08-31 – 21:58

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Only one more album left and there is an image available for each album by メトロノーム. Today I have added scans of their 2007 mini-album サイクルリサイクル.

All Facebook comment boxes have also been replaced by comment boxes of Commentics. So get interactive and share your thoughts!

2012-08-30 – 21:56

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I am slowly starting to replace the current Facebook comment boxes with a comment box developed by Commentics and expect to be done in the next day or so. Let me know what you think!