This website is all about my passion Collecting. Here you will find detailed information dedicated to a number of obscure, unknown or simply excellent musicians.

Website updates

2012-05-11 – 21:29

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It took some blood, sweat and tears, but I just completed a section for a new artist. We all know them, we all love them! It's The Darkness! They became famous in 2003, because of their major hit single I Believe In A Thing Called Love. They then split up in 2006, reunited in 2011 and just finished work on their upcoming third album called Hot Cakes. All releases are featured on RunOutGrooves and a few more will be added in the next few weeks once they hit my doormat.

Did you already get Zebra and Snake's debut album Healing Music? It was released in Germany today on CD, vinyl and as a digital download. Some small updates have been made on their page.

2012-05-10 – 17:48

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Don't forget that Zebra and Snake's debut album Healing Music will be released tomorrow in Germany and on Monday for the rest of Europe! Grab a copy while you can! You can also order CD and vinyl copies from their official store!

2012-05-02 – 19:57

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A new six track album sampler came in today for Square Peg In A Round Hole which is Apparatjik's second (and latest) studio album. Images have been added of the front and back sleeve plus a scan of the disc itself.

Work for the new artist is well underway now. All albums have so far been scanned and added to the template. The singles will be next which will probably take me a few days, so expect the latest artist addition somewhere at the end of the week!

2012-04-27 – 20:27

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Two new updates today before the weekend is going to start.

宇宙戦隊NOIZ are going to be featured on a new Japanese compilation CD called CRUSH! 3-90's V-Rock best hit cover LOVE songs- which will be released on the 27th of June. More details and the full artwork will be added once the album has landed on my doormat.

I was finally able to add the finishing touch for a new artist. So say hello to ビリー (read: biruu or Billy)! This is another visual kei band from Japan who were active between 2004 and 2009 after which they changed their name and continued as 花少年バディーズ with the same band members, although a different visual and slightly different musical style. Check them out!

A new pile of CD's and vinyl is already lying next to me, meaning a new artist is already being added to RunOutGrooves. And I promise that most of you will know these guys. In fact, we can expect a new album from them in the next few months after a rather long break!

2012-04-26 – 20:56

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A small update today, and a pretty sad one as well. Anothers Blood announced only five hours ago that they have called it a day and will not be active anymore.

From their Facebook post:

Hello, I must be going...

I would like to say, that it has been a short, yet enjoyable year spent on Anothers Blood, however I have decided to call time on the band. I have come to realise, the process I find the most fulfilling is in the studio, creating.

The purpose of this note is to say thank you to everyone who came to see us play and supported us, and anyone who helped out along the way!

I will keep this page up to date with bits of news, and maybe a few demos, as I will continue writing music, but now for other artists.

You can follow me personally on twitter @richfrenn


On another note... I am almost done with a section for a new artist so stay tuned!

2012-04-16 – 20:01

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Second update of today as a few new records came in!

Those who thought that the new Mumm-Ra section contains all releases are wrong, as I was still missing one promo (well, to my knowledge!). This CDr came in today and is now available for viewing.

A 2002 compilation CD from Japan arrived today as well which features two songs by メトロノーム. I mainly purchased this release to see if one track is the same recording or not when compared to the recording on a demo cassette. And it appears to be a re-recording, making the cassette even more desirable!

The last update is for Mirrors. I've acquired a new test pressing for their 2009 debut single Look At Me which is for the released version. "Are there more?" Yes! Just head over to their section and check out the differences!

2012-04-16 – 10:03

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All the latest information has been added about Zebra and Snake's debut album Healing Music. This includes the full artwork and complete tracklisting for CD, vinyl and the digital release.

2012-04-15 – 22:31

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It took me a while (I blame scanning all the different 7" releases), but the section for Mumm-Ra is up and running! Check out all of their releases, CD - vinyl - digital, plus a few in-house CDr's!

2012-04-14 – 17:36

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The two latest Apparatjik promo CDr's came in today. One is for Time Police which was released in December 2011. The second one is for Do It Yourself, released in February 2012 for a commercial single release which was set at April 1st 2012, though this release has not seen the light of day yet.

2012-04-12 – 21:56

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At last! The two demo cassettes by メトロノーム have been added to the website. So quickly hop over to their page, check all the details and marvel over their hand-made sleeves!

2012-04-12 – 20:53

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So what has happened recently? I had a short Easter break and went away for a few days. Hence the work for Mumm-Ra has been delayed a bit, though it is coming together nicely. I even bought another promo of them this week for the album which I had not seen before.

I've also decided to remove the Updates section and move all updates to the main page so it is easier to see when an update has been made.

The two demo cassettes of メトロノーム came in this week and will be added soon (I hope later this evening, else tomorrow). I think that RunOutGrooves will be the first website (or at least the first Western website) that features high-res scans of these rare cassettes.

2012-04-06 – 20:00

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It has arrived! An early 3" demo CD of メトロノーム. Check their section for all the details!

2012-04-05 – 21:30

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After some years I have finally made the decision to complete my collection of the regular 宇宙戦隊NOIZ singles and they came in today. One of them is from 2000 and is already hard to find. The other two are from 2004 and 2005. Enjoy!

2012-04-02 – 22:00

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All of Patrick Wolf's releases are now online and available for viewing. Next stop will be Mumm-Ra who will be added in the next week or two.

2012-03-30 – 23:00

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A new artist is currently being added, being Patrick Wolf, plus some minor updates were made for Anothers Blood (I've added a promotional CDr of their single Lost Communication) and Zebra and Snake. I am also pleased to announce that three missing 宇宙戦隊NOIZ CD-singles are now on their way and will be added in the next two weeks, plus three rare メトロノーム items of which two are early demo cassettes.

I've also decided to start adding catalogue numbers for all displayed releases (thanks Ed!). A few artist pages have already been updated. The rest will follow soon.

2012-03-24 – 15:00

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New sections are ready for Apparatjik and Anothers Blood.

Apparatjik are a so-called supergroup featuring members of a-ha, Coldplay and Mew who started in 2008. Anothers Blood though is fresh and new and have so far only released two digital releases. They deserve to be checked out!

2012-03-20 – 20:00

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The albums section for メトロノーム is now ready. Singles will be added whenever I buy them (one special release is already in the mail and will be added once I get it) ;)

メトロノーム you say? Yes, that sounds like "metronome". They are a band from Japan and created some great futuristic electro punk.

2012-03-18 – 19:00

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My full collection (a list of it that is) can now be viewed online. I am also working on a new artist page. This time for メトロノーム.

2012-03-04 – 18:00

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The pages for Mirrors, Zebra and Snake and 宇宙戦隊NOIZ are now online. The full discography is available for each artist. Check out Zebra and Snake for regular updates, as a new single and album are coming up soon!

2012-02-19 – 16:00

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Already a new design for the whole website as I did not like the previous one. I will now also concentrate on filling some gaps.